Sunday, May 21, 2017

Trump Must Be Destroyed : Chicken Little Speaks

When hate is the only driving force available, chaos is enviable.
Given the insanity that has taken over our news media outlets that are virtually unwatchable or readable, including maybe to some extent FOX News, the progressive socialist liberals, the new neo-communists have shown us all finally and once and for all just who they are what they intend for the rest of civil society.

In reality, for the rest of us that must live and work under the rule of law laid out in our Constitution that guarantees our freedom and liberty, and gives us as individuals the opportunity for prosperity and a life free from intimidation of an all powerful authoritarian centralized government, is now under attack from the progressive socialist liberal democrats that believe our Constitution is no longer useful or a legitimate document.

The democrats have now moved to destroy what past generation have built and died for without giving even the slightest thought to what has gone before and how it has built the strongest and most prosperous nation on earth.

The democrats don't care about all that nonsense. It's about regaining power by any means necessary even if it means the destruction of the country as it was founded.

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