Friday, May 19, 2017

Chairman of FCC Pai Moves Forward : Free Markets Prevail(Video)

Little wonder why the progressive socialist democrats are attacking Chairman Pai for his stand against ''Net Neutrality'', that is, the internet controlled by government. And given the ''success'' of other government controlled departments and agencies, it is a foregone conclusion that the internet controlled by bureaucrats would bring corruption and chaos to this organization.

Chairman Pai's focus is to make sure the internet is governed by the free market of ideas, rather then individuals seeking to gain an advantage over this massive enterprise for strictly political reasons.

It was Barack's idea to gain control of the internet and use it and abused much like he did the IRS, the DOJ, the FBI and of course the NSA, among other agencies and department of the federal government to attack any and all opposition to the progressive socialist liberal agenda and ideology.

Thanks to the voters and Donald Trump, the progressive socialists have been stopped form destroying the internet and the freedom to chose.

FCC’s Pai Defiant After Liberal Intimidation: ‘Folks Are Just Going to Oppose Whatever I Do’
Genevieve Wood / /    

The new Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai is not very popular with the left these days. His crime? He believes the free market, not the government, should determine the future of the internet.

So aggrieved are the proponents of government-knows-best policies that they have taken to lambasting him on late-night talk shows, mean tweets, and even staged a “vigil to save the internet” outside his home on Mother’s Day.

But Pai tells The Daily Signal he’s committed to rolling back Obama-era regulations and restoring a “light touch” at the FCC.

Watch the video :
The FCC Chairman moves to reestablish freedom of speech.

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