Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Progressives Democrats Attack Helania : Democrats Still Believe Barack IS ''The One"

When the progressive democrats have no other place to go, insanity reigns.
The progressive socialist liberal democrats, or worse, is that possible?, find any reason at all to demonize the Trump family, but will fall off large buildings to protect a man that drove our entire country into decline, and the larger world into chaos and conflict, killing nearly a million souls and 600,000 alone in Syria.

And let's not forget how Barack pissed on the greaves of the 4500 American souls that died in Iraq, and more then 50,000 wounded in that conflict to stem a butcher of souls, when he pulled our troops out of that country against the advice of George Bush and the military commanders. The were explicit in their warning, that to do so would cause the situation there to collapse, and it did as warned. And it wasn't just the politics, it was far worse.

The war there was won by Bush, but Barack didn't care about good advice, it was the beginning of his religious jihad for change and transformation of the entire middle east and America. It was clear even from the million person march in Tehran for change, to the $billions paid in ransom, as Barack's jihad against American power in the region, it became very clear, it was for Iran to rule was his focus.

Charles Krauthammer, on Bret Bear's news show last night, forcibly and passionately laid out his understanding of who and what Barack Ogbjma is and what he always intended for our country, and it wasn't complementary to say the least. In fact, he summed it up in his last words, not exactly but close, 'we are fortunate he is no longer president.'

In my understanding, Barack is ethically and morally delusionally corrupt. He really believes he is "The One". And worse, millions of compliant and indifferent citizens believe the same thing.

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