Sunday, May 14, 2017

A Plan of Deliberate Chaos And Conflict for Control : Ogbjma's Legacy

The ideology and agenda was for a one world power built by chaos.
The destiny of the United States is to lead in the war against tyranny, spending America's best in the battle. It's our legacy.

Still, there are those in our country that believe America is the problem in the world forcing others to bend to our will and ideology of individual freedom to chose one's own destiny and not be ruled by an elite few that see themselves as the ultimate solution.

But as the good Lord as seen fit to give us another chance to bring some common sense and logic to the world, and as the only super power, we must not waste this opportunity by sitting on past fears and indecision to rebuild the founders dream of a free and prosperous nation, and help bring some form of peace to a very troubled world.

The time is now to take a stand, be strong in the face of those that will not let past chaos and conflict that has cause so much damage be relegated in history as lessons learned, and them move forward. 

But as the weekly news casts are witness, those that brought the chaos fight relentlessly to continue the destruction of our civil society in hopes of rebuilding it to suit their personal desires for a country where initiative and personal desire to succeed is seen as greed and selfishness.

The quest for power and control by a very vocal minority moves on relentlessly unabated, that demands everyone must become no better then anyone else, it's the only fair way for a society to function. All the while the elite few rule.

For those of us in the trenches of reality, we know better. We know the American dream is not dead and that Reagan's shining city on the hill has been dimmed for sure, but new energy is being applied to bring the lights back up brighter then ever for the world to see.

Little wonder then why the forces of evil are working so hard in our country to make sure that shining city of hope and freedom on the hill goes dark.

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