Saturday, May 06, 2017

Barack Moves Into New Terrirtory : Building A War Chest

Hope and Change
Building A war chest for his run for Secretary General of the UN.
So, please explain how Barack's new ideology for getting rich might cast some doubt as to the truth about what he told us for the last 8 years about making money and how much is enough.

And on top of all that is all of the other misinformation and lies about everything else he said for the last 8 years.

As well, many of us knew from the beginning, Barack was a con-man first class, using his skin color as club to beat the willing into submission believing he was actually serious about helping this country prosper. If you opposed him you are a racist.

It was then and as it is now, it is all about ''the one'', and know this, his religious jihad has not ended, it has only taken a new course, a new direction for transformation, not only for the great Satan America,  but for the entire Middle East and beyond. His final destination will be Secretary General of the United Nations. He is building a war chest for this purpose.

He really believes he is ''The One we have all been waiting for''.

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