Sunday, May 07, 2017

Progressive Democrats Unhinged And Irreconcilable : Infected With Ignorance And Hatred

Vore for Me
Progressive liberal democrats explain and define insanity. There is no cure.
What a good picture of the progressive socialist liberal democrats today as they have become totally unhinged. Maybe unhinged isn't strong enough to define what is taking place in our country with the democrats that appear to be something completely different then what they were jus t few months ago.
Is it possible that something could have happened that would infect an entire collective of people as vast as the progressive democrats, forcing them to become defined by any other name or medial condition, identified and  recognized even by the simplest among our population, as insanity.

Watching clips of the mainstream media as they explain and demonstrate their complete and tortured interpretation of reality on a daily basis, and not in any way related to civil discourse among equals, we have to come to only one conclusion as to why this has 'transformed' the democrats with their sinister and debased hatred for everything and everyone, it is the fear, after the abject rejection of progressive socialism in the November election, the progressives finding their agenda and ideology is and always has been wrong.

Little wonder then the reason for progressive socialist liberal democrats pathological malfeasance in accepting any kind of reasoning or common sense for their failure to connect to the people. All that's left for them is their neurotic hatred for the opposition as reveled in the media and in the halls of Congress.

It is imperative that everyone stay alert and informed. This behavior is infectious and dangerous to our society of laws as stated in our Constitution.

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