Saturday, October 15, 2016

Voter Fraud An Election Winner : Democrats Depend on The Dead Vote

And if you have any other doubts about how the progressive socialist liberal democrats plan on winning this November, wonder no longer.

It's interesting in that investigations that have begun in earnest to root of fraud in our voting system has been found in all 50 states. Thousands have been found;  illegals and the dead are must likely to be found on voter rolls.

It has been reported that more then 70% of judges are progressive liberals which means states like Virginia and Wisconsin have had their voter ID laws found unconstitutional for a second time even though the supreme court found then Constitutional.

In Wisconsin the voters still need an ID but a unethical democrat Madison, Wisconsin judge, home of more immoral progressive socialists that any where else in the world, said that the portion of the law for early voting limitation had to be shut down. It's not fair.

Progressives see the law as a club to beat the citizens with to force their personal agenda progressive socialism on to the entire nation.

And as the polls are showing, the citizens have been beaten bloody. They have had the common sense and good judgement beaten out them. All that's left are empty shells pulling levers.

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