Saturday, October 15, 2016

Common Sense Requires Strength of Purpose : Insanity Feeds On Weakness of Purpose

The reality of what we know is, that what's happening to those of us in the trenches, being allocated to subhuman status for believing in hard work, responsibility and God himself, we understand we have a certain knowledge that we are not the ones that are  crazy.

We also understand those that have this unyieldingly adherent to absurdities beyond common sense of rational logic are, in fact, the ones that are literally insane.

But the insanity of the frothing mod's distortive avalanche of demands for 'everything for nothing' is not just a developed insanity from a weak mind and spirit, but, as I have mention on several other occasions, a mutated DNA which make them biologically different breed from normal human beings.

Simply put, they are genetic mutants. This explains the derangement syndrome that make these people incoherently debased and unscrupulously unethical and immoral. One might say it's not their fault for behavior of irrationality and bastardized thought, it's their personal DNA. It's just who they are.

If you have had an occasion to discuss politics or just about any other subject that requires rational thinking to render coherent answers that reflect reality, you can understand that your discussion is a one way street. There can be only one answer to any opinion you might have and that's you are wrong.

And as your debate becomes heated, as it always does in discussions with mindless and neurotic sycophants, it will become readily apparent these people are not part of a larger rational civil society in which we live and work, they are different and beyond help. 

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