Friday, October 28, 2016

OgbjmaCare Insurance Providers Going Broke : Ogbjma Steals Taxpayers Blind

What Mr Ogbjma is doing with the 'reinsurance payments' with taxpayer monies to make up for the loses of OgbjmaCare, is nothing more the a money laundry operation much like the solar industry, and the bail out of the big banks wasn't just to save the banks. Mr Ogbjma give the bailouts to the insurance company to make up for their losses because of bad decisions to actually believe Mr Ogbjma was telling the truth that he would take care of them.

But does any of this matter to taxpayers, of course it does, especially now as premiums are going through the roof and families will be hard pressed to find the money. And what is the response form the Ogbjma administration, 'nothing to see here, all is well. Pay no attention to the guys behind the curtain pulling the levers'.

Mr Ogbjma and the progressive liberal democrats stealing the taxpayers blind.

 In Desperate Push to Save Dying Obamacare, President Wants to Bail Out Insurers
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