Sunday, October 30, 2016

Three Want Leadership : Only One Can Lead - Chose Wisely

the-johnsonI wonder which one would be the most painful. But no matter which one we pick, they will be a pain the rear.

As many before me have stated, the choices that are presented for us to chose for our next leader of the free world is beyond the pale.

Never in our history have the choices been this bad, one is catastrophic to be exact, for the future of our nations and the entire western world of free nations.

But now, if we have to pick one, and we do, we can't just decide to stay home as it is our duty to vote for the best candidate among the three and that's Donald Trump.

He is the least dangerous of the three to sit behind the desk in the Oval Office.

Now Trump is not my guy in this election primary, my favorite lost out almost immediately, Bobby Jindal. I favored others as well but Jindal seemed to have the needed steadiness and religious faith to back up his intelligence and personal foundation to make the hard decision that will be required as Mr Ogbjma leaves office and the world in chaos.

The absolute disasters that Mr Ogbjma has created domestically and in foreign affairs will demand a very solid character makeup. The pressure will be immense from all sides for solutions. But given the three choices, Trump will have the best chance to make decision that will not be influenced easily by politicians that have personal agenda's that have nothing to do with saving our county but mostly with enriching themselves and the partiers they represent.

Enter Hillary Clinton. Okay, we really don't know who or what Donald Trump is or what he will actually do if he is elected, but suffice it to say, he isn't a criminal or has no known criminal intentions that can be identified as belonging to Trump. Where as the Clintons can be shown to have decades of a proven criminal history that have established the legacy of Hillary and Bill Clinton.

We don't know who Donald Trump is for the most part, but we sure know the Clintons and what they will being to the leadership of our country.

I don't mention Gary Johnson as he isn't a viable candidate, and if he was, his agenda of hiding America's light from that shining City on the hill is not an option for success in a world of chaos. It's easily to run but you cannot hide in today's world.

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