Sunday, October 30, 2016

Russian Influence In Our Elections? : Progressive Influence In Israels Elections

When you hate the Jews, anything you want to do to cause them harm is okay. This is the message that is plain and direct from the progressives.
Look what Mr Ogbjma is doing with Iran - he is assuring a nuclear war that could or will destroy Israel.

Mr Ogbjma doesn't even try to hide his disgust  for the Jews, and for that matter, anyone else that doesn't fall under the influence of Iranian power.

Mr Ogbjma has no love for or worst, for the British as well. That's part of his up-bringing under the influence of his communist father's hate for the British influence in Algeria, and elsewhere, where the communists were seeking an advantage and native Algerians were seeking independence.

But I believe he has a special and intense dislike for Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu. Make no mistake, Mr Ogbjma finds the Jewish nation sinister. Maybe it's not entirely because they are Jews, but because they are a powerful nation dedicated to freedom and liberty which stands in direct opposition to the ultimately power that Iran and Mr Ogbjma invasions in the middle east.

It's clear to me Mr Ogbjma will leave no stone unturned to accomplish his goal of bringing total chaos to all middle eastern countries, and at the same time, doing his part to accommodate the Iranians surge for power by bringing America to it's collective knees through his personal agenda and ideology for transformational religious jihad to make sure America will not find a reason to become involved in any conflict as a result of Iran's nuclear ambitions.

Little wonder then why Mr Ogbjma has reduced military spending by more then 25% leaving our millenary smaller then it was back in 1941 just before the second world war. Mr Ogbjma promise of ''fundamental change'' to American civil society and national identity is neatly complete.

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