Saturday, October 15, 2016

FBI Investigators Angry : Comey & Lynch Guilty - Political Prostitutes

Really? Charge Hillary Clinton for her personal email server as a violations of the law and a national security risk that's unprecedented in our history? What are you taking about - that foolishness. Charge a democrat with a crime and expect that it will really happen? What about Vincent Foster's death? What about White Water? What about the FBI files on Republicans in the White House? The Benghazi murders? What about the Clinton Crime Family Foundation? What about allegations of 'pay for play' while secretary of state compromising national security? etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. Comey and Lynch are politically prostituting themselves to save Hillary and the Clinton's dynasty of criminal activity and political terror.  How many good souls have been lost because of the Clintons? And even worse, apparently willingly doing so. And so it goes. The Ogbjma's Department of Justice says 'no crime no fowl'. But the real crime here is as a result of Hillary's criminal behavior, we now can relegate the Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) as nothing more then just another arm of the democrat national committee(DNC), like every other department and agency in the government. Remember how George W. Bush had to fight security leaks to the New York Times? It's the 'Shadow government' that's in place, ready to fulfill it duty when called on to do it work for the progressive socialist liberal democrats agenda.

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