Saturday, October 29, 2016

Ogbjma To Veto Military Bill : Christian God At Fault

The basic reason I believe Mr Ogbjma is threatening to veto the Military NADD bill, he understands there can be only one god for the people, and that is the god of a centralized and all powerful government. To allow a Christian God to have the power to control peoples lives is unacceptable, and will stall his agenda for a religious jihad for fundamental transformation of America's civil society.

That the Russell Amendment will provide more legal support for religious affiliation in providing services to the needy is of no concern to Mr Ogbjma or his progressive liberal democrat supporters in congress. The veto threat is because he is uncomfortable with Christians.

That denying the most basic and natural human distinction of being a male or female, and that they are not different is ludicrous on the face of it. Yet Mr Ogbjma seeks to deny even this most basic feature of our existence, being male or female and the freedom to have separate and private identities.

This is about transformation. This about the destruction of America's civil society that is based on the Christian ethic of a God for all people and HIS guidance for our lives through HIS teachings. The success of the Western culture IS because of our Christian heritage that has served us well for the last 240 years.

For Mr Ogbjma, this is in total opposition to his religious jihad for a fundamental change of the Amerian society, and to make his point and his demand for obedience, he is more then willing to put our nation at risk to external forces with his veto.

Obama Threatens to Veto Military Bill Because It Protects Religious Groups
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