Sunday, October 30, 2016

Progressive Voters Find Security In Ignorance : See OR Hear No Evil

How is it that so many among us are mentally challenged enough to vote democrat even when the facts are presented clearly and multiple times.

Of course, much of the information this group of people receives, I can't refer to them as individuals as they exhibit little in the way of individual thought or actions, but are members of what is called a collective, which was the favored term used to identify members of the socialist party in the old Soviet Union.

Ever wonder why the right side of aisle is constantly fighting with each other over policy? It's because its the law of individual thought, they are dynamic, not stagnate or dead to the outside world where real people live.

The progressive liberal voters can't seem to understand how important it is to evaluate and then quantify that evaluation to what they believe against what is real and what is fantasy.

Unfortunately, progressive socialist liberal democrats cannot, not that they won't, but they cannot process any information that has not been first sanitized by their leaders. The ability to reason is not part of their DNA, their genetic make up demands they wait patiently for other to decide their fate.

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