Saturday, November 21, 2015

Why Arab States Aren't Taking Refugees : Objma Wants Them All Here

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I wonder why Mr Objma isn't more forceful in demanding as much cooperation from the rich Arab states as he demands obedience from the people of America and specifically the Republican party and Conservatives that oppose his ideology and agenda for "Fundamental change"?

Why do you think he is all in attacking America and not Islamic states for their refusal to accept Muslim refugees?

Why as well does he demand America accept 10's of thousands of Islamists into this country no matter who or what they are? Oh, and if past history is any indication of Mr Objma's future agenda, it was reported by Gov.. Christie that Muslins refugees had already been shipped into the states, including New Jersey, without telling the governors they were being moved their.

Bottom line here is Mr Objma wants all of the refugees to come here and be granted the refugee status of flee persecution which means they have 'rights' under the law, especially the 'right' to vote democrat.

The question now is, and maybe more importantly, what else is going on the hallowed halls of our all powerful government, "the most transparent administration in history" is not telling us???

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