Thursday, November 26, 2015

Objma's Climate Change Efforts Can Destroy ISIS : Maybe, But From Laughter

As one might expect, Mr Objma is truly on the down side of his tortured years as president, and it appears he is stepping up the pace at which he wants his 'fundamental change' to be come a reality. And his coming appearance at the Paris climate change conclave is just one of the more absurd and counter productive attempts to once and for all seal his legacy as a intellectual giant and historical missionary for the people.

Know this to, all progressive socialist believe what they do is in the best interest of the people and they are inherently right due to their superior education and therefore their grasp of domestic and foreign affairs.

The reality of course is none of the above, but Mr Objma's antics are only that of a spoiled child with the power to persuade and force others to do his bidding. Whether or not this will be the conclusion of historians on Mr Objma's efforts to change America as it was founded to one that put most 'other' third world nations to shame is up for grabs. Historians are typically from the university system and therefore steeped in and controlled by far left ideology, leaves little wonder then what the outcome will be on Mr Objma's legacy.

But given all the other dangerous proceedings from Mr Objma and the progressive democrats, I believe the coming conference in Paris, and the progressive socialist liberals in the media proclaiming this insanity as our best chance to stop and destroy ISIS, brings into clear focus ones abilities to comprehend their intent and messages relating to domestic problems and the raging battles around the world, that these people live in a fantasy world so bizarre that normal people reel at the absurdity of the message.

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