Saturday, November 21, 2015

Gullibility Test : Who Is Failling the Test?

Gullibility Test 2 copy
A democrat voter takes a chance
Please tell me this doesn't represent the average democrat voter? Is it just easier to be gullible then to have to actually make decisions based on one accumulated knowledge of events and situations?

Maybe that's why they so gullible - their resources for information are limited to other gullible people?

I guess it depends how many are sitting the pew of the church of progressive socialism where everyone pays very close attention to the preacher.

Having multiple members all chanting the same creed is very reassuring and justifies the existence of the moment. But what about when they file out into the real world, what then?

Little wonder then the lettered TV channels, and most printed news outlets, trot out a minute by minute stream of supposing news to feed the waiting masses that are waiting and willing to accept more of the same teachings that they got from their church, their all powerful preacher and his acolytes.

It just feels good to right all the time. How can you be right all the time. Easy, I'm told I'm right by my preacher.

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