Understanding the reaction to a bumper sticker on a parked car in a school parking lot begs the quesiton, 'is Ms Knudson mentally stable or tittering on imbalance or worse, heading for a crainal break-down.
Maybe she is just a progressive socialist liberal which explains her lack of having even a minimal amount of commons sense or logic.
A Politically Correct Overreaction at UW - La Crosse
With Missouri and Yale getting all the headlines, administrators at UW - La Crosse want to prove that political correctness and overreactions aren't just for big universities. 
On Friday, Dean of Students Paula Knudson sent an email regarding a Confederate flag on a private vehicle parked near a construction site on campus. Stating the vehicle had been removed, she referenced the hurt and “angst” the flag’s presence induced and expressed apologies and empathy for those whose shells the flag had so irreparably cracked.
Following what evidently became a firestorm, Knudson sent a follow-up email on Tuesday in which she apologized for not being clear. She clarified that the flag was prominent on a semi truck, and the driver was nicely asked to move the vehicle, a request to which the owner acquiesced. She continued to describe hatred and hurt feelings, invoked the need for “safety and inclusivity” and said that “On Friday, I saw first hand the genuine fear of some of our students.”
If she indeed spoke with students so horrified by the flag, what she was sensing was not fear, it was infinite immaturity and deeply ingrained egocentrism emblematic of a tiny minority of students that desperately wants to live exclusively within its own cocoon.
Ben Stelter, chairman of the UW-L College Republicans, told me, ”Its a shame that our university administration selectively applies the first amendment whenever they find it lines up with their ideology.” Based on experience, I disagree that the university’s reaction is driven by ideology; I think it’s driven by an unfortunately rational fear.
“We should welcome all forms of speech, expression and assembly on our campus,” Stelter said. He is correct, and those among us who most loudly proclaim their open-mindedness are often in fact so closed-minded that they can’t even look at a controversial flag without scrambling for an Epi-Pen.
Knudson went on: “As an educator I am always concerned about students being able to focus on their studies without fear.” A student who cannot focus on their coursework because some semi has a flag on it outside should be obtaining psychiatric counseling; they’re not prepared for the diversity of a college campus.
Knudson talks about navigating complex emotional realities, a statement that sounds like an admission that the administration of UW-L is petrified by the possibility of a zombie apocalypse on campus much like what we’ve seen in the headlines elsewhere.
I got to know Paula Knudson and Chancellor Joe Gow while running the student paper at UW-L in 2010. Both are sane and rational, and I have a great deal of respect for them; I do not blame them for this. But administrators should remember that the victimiest, whiniest ninnies on campus do not speak for their peers.
Most students don’t live in fear of seeing certain symbols. Most students understand what true hatred looks like and what a real threat is. Most students just want an education, and don’t don’t have time for the hair-on-fire routine that bullies whoever will prostrate themselves.
Most students aren’t blithering ninnies who react in phony fits of contrived tears and angry grievances with each hurtful word or visage. Will someone please stand up to the nonsensical whiners who ruin what should be a cathartic four years in which students are exposed to many words and visages than they’re uncomfortable with, and not have them driven, literally in this case, from campus.