Sunday, November 22, 2015

Progressives Finally Turn to War - On Republicans : ISIS? It's the Climate Stupid!

War on Republicans copy
I guess what is so frustrating and fearful to so many on both sides of the isle, especially on the right side, is coming to grips with the fact our president's agenda is based on reducing life in America to a lower standard then we have had in the past. He willingly, knowingly and actively stands in opposition to individual freedom and attacks all those the oppose his agenda and ideology progressive socialism.

After so many generations, even centuries of success of Capitalism that has built America into the most prosperous and powerful country in history, that has dedicated it's power and resources to the betterment of the entire world, for the most part, Mr Objma and his collective of political urban terrorists, the progressive socialist liberal democrats, known as the 'collective', believe destroying this magnificent country on the premise and ideology that they have a better idea to bring happiness and fulfillment to the population with total power being centralized in one place, Washington, and in the hands of an elite few progressives that will make all decision for everyone, begs the sanity of such a program and the people that are now illegally pushing it down our throats.

In the last week of watching Mr Objma becoming more and more unhinged, little is left for us to wonder will he be successful in his "fundamentally changing of America" into a socialist pit of despair, dependency and financial ruin defines the nature of the fear that too many among us are not awake or aware of what is going on around them, and that he will ultimately be successfully in making the change complete before he leave office.

As we all are witnessing the changing taking place all around us, and the fact that Mr Objma and his collectivists have just over one year to complete the change before someone else can step in and stop the destruction, we can expect the push for his change to accelerate.

But worst of all, there doesn't seem to have anyone, especially Republicans or Conservatives that are willing to stand up and say NO! STOP! Enough is enough - we will not tolerate anymore destruction of our country and our Constitution.

What does this leave for all of us in the trenches?

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