Sunday, August 06, 2017

Who Exactly is Al Gore? : A Democrat Con-Man For The Ages?

Al Gore didn't become a multi millionaire by telling the truth about anything. After all, he is progressive liberal democrat.

Maybe the biggest fraud among a multitude of frauds, Gore ranks up near the top. First it was his book, 'Inconvenient Truth' which has been proven to be a complete fabrication of the facts. And then he sold his failing television network to a business from Qatar, one of the largest producers of oil and natural gas in the world, yet no one said a word that it was total hypocrisy.

But today Gore is again going on television to hype his next move to steal more money from the ignorant and subservient. It seems there is no end of the pathetic and gullible people ready and willing to support the lie that is man-made climate change. And of course Al is laughing all the way to bank with millions more from an astounding number of useful idiots.

Who are these tortured dups so willing to be parted for their hard earned money? 

Al Gore : The con-man for the ages!

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