Saturday, August 12, 2017

NYT's Climate Report Article Outrageously False : Attack! Attack! Attack!

The truth, we don't about care about no stinking' truth, it's the 'seriousness of the charge' that matters and then moving on to the next outrageous charge to advance an agenda and an ideology driven by a pathological outrage, culminating in fits of ignorance, contempt and hate.

To say the New York Times didn't know about this report being available to the general public months ago before they published a false headline and article attacking the Trump administration is on the face of it, ludicrous.

NYT’s ‘Leaked’ Bombshell Climate Report Was Actually Public for Months
Michael Bastasch / /

A draft government climate assessment The New York Times “obtained” and claims is not yet public has actually been available online since January, according to scientists who worked on the report.
The Times reportedly obtained a draft copy of the upcoming National Climate Assessment, quoting unnamed scientists who feared “the Trump administration could change or suppress the report.”

The New York Times also reported that global warming skeptics were “equally worried that the draft report, as well as the larger [National Climate Assessment], will be publicly released.”
However, the draft assessment has been online since January. A couple of the scientists who worked on the National Climate Assessment took to Twitter to let people know the draft has been online for months, despite The New York Times’ reporting.

This begs the question: How would President Donald Trump be able to suppress a publicly available draft report? Atmospheric scientist Ryan Maue pointed out the study has not been delayed, and the government only recently began looking for scientists to review the draft report.

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