Friday, August 11, 2017

Maxine Waters On Climate Change : What's Next?

cid:BDYnAkDpviwMYzgOG3mcGoodness - is this like the peoples representative in our congress asking an Admiral if the navy increased it's presence on the island of Guam would it become top heavy and turn over?

Can anyone be that stupid? Oh wait, maybe so. He's in congress making decision for the rest of us!

Now I'm not sure what the astute Maxine Waters had in mind when she decided to tell us all her thoughts on climate change, but what ever was steering in the darkest reaches of her intellect at the time, it seems to have been taken from a notion she actually has a clue to what she is saying.

This is a totally vacant mentality that is just running wild given the media has taken her for the poster child of the progressive socialist liberal agenda and ideology.

Maxine loves the attention. And what better person then Maxine to put out front to represent the progressive left as a clown car accident.

Worst of all, why do people still vote for her?

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