Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Progressive Live by ''Good Intentions'' : Republicans Must Live by Facts

Again, a good saying to clarify the situation, 'If good intentions were horses, we would all ride''. But realty always has a tendency to muck up the water. History is a nasty thing to the progressive socialist liberals that site glorious and profound intentions to do what's right as they peer out the window of their offices, high above the street were the little people fight to survive.

It really all comes down to one of the favorite tactics of the progressive liberal and they use it all the time to great effect, and this to place Republicans and Conservatives on the defensive.

It's the ''seriousness of the charge'' that's important, that there are no facts to back up the charge is of no consequence. Now the Conservatives must defend themselves or look guilty as charged.

When It Comes to Helping People, Facts Don’t Care About Your Intentions
Jacob Roth /

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