Thursday, August 10, 2017

Life As A Progressive Liberal : Mentally Tortured In Confusion

Here's a small list of mental despots and serial criminals among us.
How did so many ignorant and delusional people arrive at the same place and at the same time to tell their personal store of how being a progressive socialist liberal demount has changed their lives.

Once they were real people, but then something happened that changed everything, they were born. And from that unfortunate and catastrophic event, their DNA was set in stone and escaping that scientific fact is statistically nearly impossible.

Yet, miracles do happen where an individual finds themselves waking up one morning to find they are standing in the sunshine of reality. How this process takes place is still a scientific mystery.

Usually, once you know you're a progressive liberal, the neurological disease that is liberalism that rots even a persons soul, leaves nothing behind that distinguishes them as being logical, ethical, moral or even just a member of a civil society, escape is not something that is never considered or possible.

Life as a progressive liberal destroys all semblance of the rationality and or integrity, leaving only and empty shell of depraved and immoral behavior that guides them in their tasks for their unquenchable need for the power to control others and by any means necessary.

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