Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Trump's Education Reform Plan : Democrats Circle The Wagons(Video)

It makes good sense that a progressive socialist would be upset that one of their prime tools for ''transformation'' is being adjusted, reformed to educate rather then misinform, manipulate and indoctrinate students with the ideology of progressive socialist liberalism.

As the saying goes, 'money is the mother's milk of politics' and for progressive democrats it is always about the money. The whole purpose of spending more and more money on education is to keep those states and individuals dependent on government resources as this is will ensure they continue to vote for more money coming their way. And in this instance, it's not about education, it's all about the money and control.

In reality, there isn't much in our government that doesn't need reform, and after watching the absolute nightmare that is our colleges and university campuses today, the accusations of ''heartless'' and ''cruel'' from democrats seems only more distressed mindless liberal 'playbook' neurosis.

The Facts About Trump’s ‘Heartless’ Education Plan
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A video of Rep. Rosa DeLauro slamming President Donald Trump’s budget on education, saying it is “heartless” and “cruel,” has gone viral.

“Millions of kids around this country are going to suffer what has been done with a $9.2 billion cut to our education programs, which are supposed to serve our youngsters, make sure they have a good future and bright future,” the Connecticut Democrat said.

Watch the video :

In the video above, Lindsey Burke, an education expert at The Heritage Foundation, goes through DeLauro’s quotes—and makes the case that she’s missing some key facts about education in the United States.

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