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Civil War In America : Morality Under Attack

There seems to be some opposition to Prager's assessment of Trump as being a good leader but not necessarily a perfect person much like John F Kennedy. The problem of course is the example of a totally dishonest and unscrupulous main stream media that is without any redeeming qualities.

Look no further then the national media to find behavior that's immoral and unethical if not completely pathological in their efforts to destroy this country as it founded. And yet it doesn't matter by the general public showing the progressive socialist liberal press coverage of events more popular now then the ''fair and balanced'' coverage of the news by FOX.

Is FOX unblemished? Hardly, but they at least try to be as close to the truth as possible, leaving some news coverage to the discretion of the views. History has shown this to be fact.

Rush Limbaugh mentioned that the media is now the leader of progressive socialist liberal left, the democrats are just tagging along for the ride waiting to get their talking points before they go before the cameras.

Keeping the talking points in order is important to the media and the progressive democrats. To persuade the general public to their way of thinking, it is necessary to have a coordinated agenda and ideology.

Yes, America Is in the Midst of a Civil War
Dennis Prager / /    

Writers never know when something they write will strike a nerve—or, in the common phrase of the internet, “go viral.” Yet my last column, “Why Conservatives Still Attack Trump,” did both. Aside from being reprinted on almost every conservative website, Newsweek published the column, and The New York Times quoted it.

More importantly, many major conservative writers responded to it, mostly in disagreement.
It is interesting that the column elicited so much attention. Maybe, like the man who bit the dog, an articulate case by a mainstream conservative in support of the president is so rare that people felt a need to publish it and respond to it.

First, I have indeed dedicated much of my life to advocating for morality—for ethical monotheism as the only way to achieve a moral world; for raising moral children (as opposed to concentrating, for example, on raising “brilliant” children); and for the uniquely great Judeo-Christian moral synthesis developed by the Founding Fathers of America. But I have never advocated electing moral politicians.
Check out Dennis Prager’s latest book, “The Ten Commandments: Still the Best Moral Code

Of course, I prefer people of good character in political office. But 30 years ago, I wrote an essay titled “Adultery and Politicians” in which I argued that what political leaders do is more important than their character. To cite but one of an endless list of examples, I would prefer an adulterous president (like John F. Kennedy) who supported Israel than a faithful family man (like Jimmy Carter) who was an anti-Zionist.

Second, as a religious Jew, I learned from the Bible that God himself chose morally compromised individuals—like King David, who had a man killed in order to cover up the adultery he committed with the man’s wife, and the prostitute Rahab, who was instrumental in helping the Jews conquer Canaan—to accomplish some greater good. (And, for the record, I am not suggesting that God chose Donald Trump.)

Third, though I listed his moral defects in column after column during the primaries, I believe that Trump is a better man than his critics maintain. I see no evidence, to cite one example, that he is a misogynist. His comment about famous and powerful men being able to do what they want with women was
a) said in private—and we are fools if we assess people by their private comments (Harry Truman, a great president, frequently used “kike” in private comments about Jews);
b) not a statement about anything he had actually done;
c) not misogynistic, and
d) often true.

Fourth, even if he were as morally defective as his critics maintain, my response is this: Trump’s character is less morally significant than defeating the left.

If the left wins, America loses. And if America loses, evil will engulf the world.

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