Friday, June 30, 2017

Insurance Wouldn't Pay for Treatment : But Will Pay for Assisted Suicide(Video)

I believe when it comes to taking a life based on one's own assumptions, or the statistics of what will or might happen if certain conditions are present at a certain point in time, begs for further understanding of even any two situations occurring that can be considered proof that the outcome will be the same is not ethical behavior.

If as the video explains, why not take every measure possible to save a life rather then taking the easy way out just to save some money or worse, the effort that will take to life a possibility?

Doctor: Insurance Wouldn’t Pay for Patients’ Treatments, but Offered Assisted Suicide
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Dr. Brian Callister, a physician in Reno, Nevada, says two recent patients both needed life-saving treatments. “Not palliative care, not hospice, these would have been curative procedures,” Callister recalls.

One patient was from California and the other was from Oregon, both states that passed physician-assisted suicide laws. Instead of offering to pay for their treatments, Callister says, the insurance medical directors in both states offered to cover his patients’ assisted suicide.

Watch the video to hear more about these cases, and why Callister, who says he’s taken care of “somewhere in four figures worth of terminally ill patients,” now opposes assisted suicide.

Watch the Video :

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