Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Democrats Move Against The Country : The Russians Have Moved In

What went wrong with their strategy? The People didn't believe it!
There is defiantly no end to the lunacy and deceit brought against our country by the progressive democrat press and their surrogates, the democrat national committee and it's sycophant members.

The question that has to be raised is what is the intention of the democrats by their attack on the presidency?

What actually has president Trump done to warrant such sinister and depraved attacks except win the election?

Is it that the people decided the outcome of this election rather then the politics and ideology of the progressive liberal power brokers? Do the democrats really have contempt for the people?

The forgone conclusion here is the progressive socialist liberal democrats finds the people ignorant and unable to make decisions that have consequences that support the wants and needs of democrats. Little wonder why the democrats find the people contemptuous.

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