Monday, June 12, 2017

Paris Accord Exit : What Has Changed?

The ''changers'' rely on the ignorance of the public to accept any kind of 'clap trap' facts from what is commonly referred to as ''scientific research''. In realty their research is about how large is their bank account at the end of the year, and how many dups are on board with their misinformation and flawed computer models that never produce any tangible results except more useful idiots.

Again, it is and always has been about the money and control.

But the gall of the climate changers is astounding and freighting at the same time.  After decades of failed predictions and out right lies about the end of our existence, still $billions of tax dollars are allocated and millions of citizens seem not to notice the unscrupulous and immoral rhetoric as anything other then truth.

Is insanity infectious?

After decades of promised fear and pestilence, mother earth is unaffected.

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