Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Hope and Change a Barack Myth : But Transformation A Barack Reality

And then, again, the subject came up about domestic terror. The  misinformation and outright lies were fundamental to Barack's religious jihad that he promised to bring to America. He said he would ''fundamentally change America'' and the crowd wildly applauded while others fainted at the sound of his brilliance.

Many proclaim Barack a skilled magician that totally understood how and what it would take to win in the minds of the people that were searching for someone to lead them to the promised land. But what they got was just soothing words of promise and safety.

As we all know it was enough to win the day for Barack and the destruction of our country began.

Did Barack hate his country, absolutely not! It's just that America isn't, wasn't and never was his country. Barack Ogbjma will go down in history as the man that started the real decline of America with his ideology of division and chaos among the general population which continues today.

Some say the absolute mental derangement among the media  and much of the progressive sodalist collative can be understood a mass hypnosis

Barack's religious jihad for transformation lives on in the media and in the bowels of democrats.

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