Sunday, April 10, 2016

Socialism & Liberalism & Democrats : Theft By Another Name - -

What seems like a good idea when you are standing among screaming fans at Bernie's rally, isn't such a good idea when you leave the rally and realize someone stole your wallet.

Reality is a funny thing, it has a tendency to clear the senses and promotes an emotion experience of having been some place like this before, like when you just saw a homeless guy buying crab meat sandwich at the deli with his welfare EBT credit card.

And now your standing outside in a cold wind, angry that your cash and credit cards are gone, but also you all of a sudden realize that everything Bernie said was just like the guy that stole my wallet, Bernie wants to do the same thing only with the rule of law.

The real world has a way of bringing clarity to ones life and hopefully before it's too late to save your self.  

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