Saturday, April 30, 2016

Justice Under The Law : Privileged Classes Escape Consequences?

Why is this a problem? A country like America that was founded on the rule of law, this country's Constitution, that demanded "all men are created equal" and that justice is blind. Everyone must be judged equally no matter what or who you are.

Why then is one class of citizens given special privileges to ignore the law while another class must suffer the consequences of the law, when it isn't applied equally?

It appears that justice has diminished the 'equal justice under the law' rule by people with special standing in society. That is, members of a special class of citizens in America are above the law.

If this is so, what good can come from allowing classes to be separated, and therefore negating the very laws guaranteed under this country's Constitution for equal protection?

This does not bode well for future generations. A war was fought that saw more then 600,000 souls lost to sustain and preserve the foundation of this country heritage, the rule and meaning of law under the founding of our country in 1776, and our Constitution in 1789.

I sincerely hope we can all stand against the prevailing tide of progressive socialism, and worse in some cases, that presently in our nation is sweeping away the rights of the individual citizen to speak and act as a free people.

And if our political scene wasn't enough to make us fearful of losing our basic rights, our universities are demonstrating beyond any doubt the special classes that rule those institutions are and have been for decades destroying the most basic freedom of all, free speech, the right to stand be heard without fear of retribution.


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