Sunday, April 24, 2016

Governemnt tyranny of The Few : Transgender Demands by One

gandhi bathrooms
I believe this picture represents they nonsense  that has become the national narrative on this transgender use of bathroom and locker room facilities.

I believe this is representative of just how insane our country has become allowing something so basic and personal as bathroom facilities to become available to both sexes even people that 'believe' they are male or female even if they are biologically not.

Even when it's just one person that demands the use of a bathroom that is not of their biological birth, the entire system must be changed to accommodate that one person, denying the rights of millions of people that don't believe they should have that right.

Majority rule and minority right?

And then add in all of the celebrities and national corporations that now boycott these states that have taken the Constitutional steps to protect those millions that resists the tyranny of those in power.

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