Sunday, April 24, 2016

National Radio/TV Talkers Become Advocates : They Don't Understand Who We Are

Hannity TrumpSo it has come to this, the difference between the main stream press, national radio, television and Fox News has narrowed or maybe even leveled out.

I fear Shawn has taken to believe he is larger then life, and being a spokes person for the rest of us that require unbiased information is no longer a requirement to be successful.

Worse, Rush Limbaugh, of all people, he calls himself the nations 'real anchorman' has also taken the low road to support Mr Trump's advance into the top spot for the Republican nomination.

When Rush has to explain to us what Mr Trump says, and what he meant to say in statements he makes to the public on the campaign trail, after all according to Rush Trump isn't a politician, he just an entertainer, he doesn't understand what is required to make sense for the citizens to understand what he means, no further statements from Rush is required to know Rush's intentions.

I have listened to Rush for more then twelve years religiously, but now I find I have to turn him off as he has become an advocate instead of what we have always thought he was, a spoke person for common sense and intellectual discussion of the news for all of us in the trenches.

It seems these two former advocates for unbiased discussion of the news don't understand just how divided the nation has become. To think our national situation could become so intense that I will actually turn off Rush Limbaugh because he doesn't represent me any longer is beyond the pale.

And so Rush, in your own words that you used on Mr Ogbjma, "I hope you fail".

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