Thursday, May 12, 2016

Seattle Workers Demand Less Hours : Fear Losing Other Free Stuff

The progressive socialist liberals that are in control of so many large cities, and have shown to be totally incompetent, as witness Seattle, it comes as no surprise to see the conflict that the new wage will bring disgruntled workers into the streets to demand more accommodations to support their new life style on the taxpayer tit.

California's (Moon Beam) Governor Jerry Brown just signed legislation boosting minimum wage to $15 per hour. With industry leaving the state in droves and the state in debt to more then $100 billion dollars, it begs the ordinary citizens to question the sanity of Brown and the other progressives that control levers of power.

But wait it gets better, take a minute to understand what will happen when the new wage earners, in the near future, find that their new life style will require more money to sustain that new life style as human nature always demands more of a good thing, especially when those in the street demanding more don't have to earn those benefits.

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Pathetic.....They scream for a higher minimum wage and then when they get it they complain because they make too much money to qualify for the free stuff, go figure.

By jacking up minimum wage, Seattle has provided a valuable lesson in liberal economics. The plan has now backfired.
Nora Gibson is the executive director of Full Life Care told KIRO 7 she saw a sudden reaction from workers when Seattle ’s phased minimum-wage ordinance took effect in April, bringing minimum wage to $11 an hour. She said anecdotally, some people feared they would lose their subsidized housing so they have asked that their work hours be reduced to remain eligible for all government subsidies. Now soon coming to CA and NY next.....
It doesn’t stop at $11/hour. The law puts it up to $15 starting January 1, 2017, they will have to reduce their work hours even more to remain eligible for handouts. Good thing the minimum wage wasn’t raised even higher, most would not work at all, they prefer to be spoon fed and remain on the government plantation.

Remember free market capitalism? Under that system, the harder and smarter you worked, the higher your standard of living. But that was found to result in income inequality, so now we have a system where wealth is bestowed by bureaucrats, and working harder doesn’t always make sense.
Did we Lose the word Productivity?..... which was a hallmark of America in which once lead the World!

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