Saturday, May 14, 2016

General Motors, Mexico, Flint, Detroit : Common Ground?

Flint Mexico copy
'Know the truth and the truth will set you free'. But when reading the fine print explaining what transpired with General Motors as they were heading into bankruptcy, the Ogbjma administration stepped in and 'bought' General Motors, giving 56% of the company to the unions, 16% to the bond holders which was far below that they had invested and the rest of the tab was the responsibility of the taxpayers.

So it's not just don't drink the water in Flint or invest your life's savings in some project  in Detroit, it's about don't trust any part of the government if it's controlled by democrats if the unions are involved.

By the way, the taxpayer just sold their stake in General Motors and lost $10 billion dollars in the deal. Ogbjma and the other democrats involved in this scam go away scot free, they're democrats. These people are morally corrupt and they always be that way.

 Who knew?

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