Monday, May 23, 2016

America Has Slipped It's Anchor : Adrift In Troubled Waters

When did it happen that we started to spin out of control, that America slipped it's anchor, drifting into decline and chaos?

Was it Bush H.? Was it Bill Clinton? What was the spark that started the decent from common sense republicanism, personal freedom to chose one's own destiny to succeed or fail, into the nightmare of progressive socialism?

When did the "life of Julia" become main stream?

And why now? Have we been trending in this direction for a long time and it's just now, over the last 7 years, the pace has accelerated as Mr Ogbjma promised back in 2008 that he will bring "fundamental change to America"?

Was it just his political agenda or his life's long ideology to punish the West for Mr Ogbjma perceived sins brought against his father? Or maybe it's more to the point where a learned ideology rules his life that demands obedience to a superior power?

It appears this is the case on both accounts.

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