Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Rush Eplaining Trump to The Masses? : Some Believe, Others Confused

Is it possible that we are going to have endure 7 more months of election stories totting Trump as our political savior? Even Rush Limbaugh falling into the grip of Trump mania?

I have been a Rush listener for more the twelve years, but lately I have had to turn him off.

It's sad when Rush has to go on the air to explain to his vast audience what Trump really said, what he really meant on some campaign stop that appears to most of us as off color or just wrong headed.

But now Rush is in a funk as many of his listeners are calling him out on his stand on Trump as being the answer to the feckless Republican party. It's a fact the Republicans are stogy, directionless, mostly unprincipled and lack the courage to take a stand on most any subject.

Maybe the problem is the country is really more divided then even Rush understands, or maybe he knows how divided we are and is trying to explain why. Still, I am trying to come to grips with Rush's way to explain the phenomena that is Trump.

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