Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Mr Ogbjma's Muslim Defense : Christians Killed? - What? When?

In light of Mr Ogbjma's despicable journey to Cuba where communists are jailing and killing, murdering, hundreds every year for wanting freedom. But Mr Ogbjma finds no time for Christians that are murdered as it doesn't do anything to advance his agenda and ideology of a 'new wave' jihad. Befriending mass killers is much preferred to having to recognize these same killers as being responsible for genocide(even though the state department has labeled their actions as genocide).

Being in Cuba and posing for pictures with Castro, with a back stop of huge picture of Chee Chavarria, a mass killer and communist hero is not by accident. It was planned and accepted. This is who he is and always has been.

It seems he finds the company of tyrants and mass killers then defenders of freedom like Benjamin Netanyahu. Why would that be.

It is clear once you accept hate for everything that is counter your up bringing and basic education that started with his father, a communist, and his formal education in Muslim schools as a way of life, there can be little chance for any kind of reformation.

Remember Mr Ogbjma's sitting the Christian church of Reverend Wright for more then twenty years where Wright proclaimed his hate for America.

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