Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Mr Objma : Control the Climate Now Will Stop Terror Later

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As we all are aware now after Mr Objma's speech in Paris, Mr Objma is mentally unbalanced and his condition is not lost on the terrorist that are still planning more killings even though Mr Objma has declared his war on world climate change will solve the problem.

Further, if the United States is attacked again he will be outraged by this and to show his fury he will appoint a double or even a triple blue ribbon panel to make suggestion of how to convince the killers we mean them no harm.

It must be terrible depressing for Mr Objam that for all of his knee bending, groveling and begging to sign the agreement to get his nuclear deal complete, Iranians are still advocating terror and promises to destroy the West and in particular America.

Of course, on the other hand, maybe this was his plan all along.

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