Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Global Warming Paris Addition : ISIS Killers - Peanuts

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It's easier to 'proclaim' a problem doesn't exist then have to actually do something about it.

Mr Objma believes, as he always has, the power of his word is all he needs to make world leaders, tyrants, one in the same sometimes and terrorist will do his bidding. That they don't is of no consequence to him. He has armed guards to protect him from those in the trenches and their  pitch forks.

After all royalty, does have it's privileges.

Know this, he really believes he is the 'one we have been waiting for' - the scariest thing is once he believes there are more and more people that don't believe he is the 'one', that's when the real problems begin. That is, if the ones he has crated already aren't enough, the attacks on our country and the rest of he world he deems unworthy will take generations to repair if ever.

He has about one year left to the convince the world of his power and place in history. So be very scared as to what he will do next as the pressure builds, and his mentally deranged mind goes into overdrive.

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