Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Immigration Control : Ignorance Is No Excuse (Video)

Here is a video that I believe is one of the largest problems that the next generation will have to solve, even beyond a failing health care system or economic collapse. It appears we are headed toward a another religious war like Europe has suffered through centuries ago, and it seems it's the same people that are binging that war that nearly swallowed all of that continent to our shores.

This can be prevented by rational decisions and common sense regarding immigrants, but given what we have just seen with the new ruling from the Supreme Court on the definition of marriage, and now the new winners in this struggle have decided they want more, let alone the push from the progressive socialist as stated by Mr Obama to "fundamentally change America", the future of rational thought to solve our problems look dim.

You decide what is the right course to take for our survival as a nation, because it's this generation now voting that will have to set the tone and course for our leaders so the next generation will have a chance to prosper.

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