Saturday, July 18, 2015

Iranian Nuclear Deal Worst in Histroy : World At Risk

Ever since the Obama administration took over the negotiations on Iranian nuclear problem, it was as scam from the beginning. Clearly, this was not about stopping Iran but to foster a delay until Mr Obama con leave office without have to make a decision that matters.

Just imagine how easy it will be for Mr Obama and the mainstream media to demonize and criticize the next president for not stopping Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, which everyone today knows beyond a doubt they will, and sooner rather then later.

Mark my words, Mr Obama will say he did everything he could to stop the Iranians but the Republicans in congress destroyed any chance for a peaceful resolution by voting down his treaty.

4 reasons why the Iran deal might be the worst diplomatic decision in history

by Katie Nielsen (Heritage)
Rarely has there been a deal like the one reached in Vienna . . . a deal in which all the nations most closely affected by it, including Iran, pretty much start out knowing it won’t end well.
Not only does the deal undermine nuclear proliferation by legitimizing Iran as a nuclear threshold state, it also undermines our allies.
Here are the four most dangerous problems with the deal:
  1. The whole neighborhood will race to go nuclear. This deal most likely will accelerate nuclear proliferation. Because if regional powers feel threatened by the possibility of Iran getting a weapon and the penalty for producing nuclear weapons decreases, then why wouldn’t they?
  2. Tehran gets to keep its vast nuclear infrastructure and its missile program.  And the promises from Iran only confirm the obvious: that the regime definitely has nuclear-weapons ambitions. After all, why have a massive ballistic-missile program and secret military nuclear facilities if the plan isn’t to build nuclear weapons?
  3. Sanctions relief will make the region far less safe. The sanctions relief and the renewed ability to sell more oil on the open market could wind up bringing $300-400 billion into the Iranian economy, bolstering the Iranian government. Essentially, this means the deal will pay for undermining U.S. policy and interests throughout the region.
  4. The deal is temporary, by design. Even the White House doesn’t claim it will permanently keep Iran from getting a bomb. So, what’s the point?
The deal enriches and emboldens Iran — an unstable and unprincipled nation. And it destabilizes the region even further and its puts its neighbors — our allies — at risk. It is a bad deal.  While the Obama administration insists that there were only two choices — the deal or war — the choices were neither that limited, nor that simple.  As Carafano concludes, “This deal is not the antidote to war. Rather, it makes increased conflict all the more likely.”

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