Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Pictures Bring Perspective If Not Clarity : More Then Words?

How cool is this - goodness, is this like the picture that surfaced of  a certain politician running for president just a few years ago sitting in a an army tank and that killed his run for office?

I know what a person looks like shouldn't have anything to do with ones qualifications, but one the other hand, coupled with her dysfunctional, even criminal past life, leaves many to wonder if maybe there is more here then just dysfunction. We do have recent experience with this kind of mind set.

In reality, we have a 6 year history of ideological malfeasance and or an outright functional criminal willingness to abort our Constitution to satisfy a malignant agenda born of hate for the rule of law, common decency and the individual freedom to chose.

Why would we willingly accept another 4 or 8 years of an agenda that is designed to continue to bring pestilence and dysfunction to our country that will surely destroy what ever pride and humanity we have left.

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