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Wisconsin John Doe Investigation : IRS Connection Found

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District Attorney John Chisholm

This just another insight into the ideology and agenda of the progressive socialist liberal democrats. What this shows is they have no limits to what they will do to get and keep power.

But what is most disturbing is millions of citizens have no clue that this attack on free speech and personal liberty represents something like that from twentieth century Germany or Mao's China during it's communist revolution.

To strong? - not really if you have followed the John Doe attacks on a private citizen over the past few years in Wisconsin. It leaves one staggering from incomprehension that this kind of thing could happen in America,  launched as a John Doe investigation against Republican political opposition by Milwaukee District Attorney John Chisholm. Even the courts sided with the attacks at the beginning.

It seems there hasn't been anything like this type of depraved criminal behavior in our history by government officials against it's citizens, both by state and federal agencies. And it's not a coincidence that they are both progressive democrat controlled agencies. Go figure!

Truly, the democrats believe the Republicans and Conservatives are 'enemies of the state' and must be destroyed 'by any means necessary'. It's who they are.

Wall Street Journal: GAB Sought Assistance From IRS on John Doe Probe

According to an explosive new Wall Street Journal editorial, Government Accountability Board (GAB) Executive Director Kevin Kennedy is a professional friend of Lois Lerner, the IRS official at the center of the plot to target conservative and tea party groups, and sought IRS assistance on the John Doe investigation.
Communications revealed to the Wall Street Journal detail this working relationship and Kennedy confirmed as much to the newspaper.
Emails we’ve seen show that between 2011 and 2013 the two were in contact on multiple occasions, sharing articles on topics including greater donor disclosure and Wisconsin’s recall elections. The emails indicate the two were also personal friends who met for dinner and kept in professional touch. “Are you available for the 25th?” Ms. Lerner wrote in January 2012. “If so, perhaps we could work two nights in a row.”
This timing is significant because those were the years when the IRS increased its harassment of conservative groups and Wisconsin prosecutors gathered information that would lead to the John Doe probe that officially opened in September 2012. Ms. Lerner’s lawyer declined comment. Mr. Kennedy said via email that “Ms. Lerner is a professional friend who I have known for more than 20 years” but declined further comment.
In an email exchange in July 2011, Mr. Kennedy sent Ms. Lerner an article in the Racine Journal-Times on the declining relevance of public campaign financing amid more private and “special interest” money. “Note the last paragraph where the paper supports more transparency,” Mr. Kennedy writes to Ms. Lerner. “The Legislature has killed our corporate disclosure rules.”
What is more, Wall Street Journal sources suggest Kennedy and the GAB sought the assistance of the IRS in their John Doe investigation into conservative groups during the recall elections.
The IRS-GAB nexus also ran the other direction, as the state agency sought to enlist the IRS in its burgeoning theory of improper campaign coordination by conservative 501(c) groups in Wisconsin. We know Mr. Kennedy was communicating with Ms. Lerner at the time and that he was also keeping his Doe team apprised of his communications with the IRS.
Sources tell us that in 2012 and 2013 John Doe investigators asked the IRS to look into a conservative group that was among the primary targets of the Wisconsin Doe investigation. The IRS doesn’t appear to have followed up, but the request shows Wisconsin prosecutors saw their pursuit of independent groups as part of a common agenda with national Democrats.
The new information is explosive and documents the potential nexus between two government agencies, one in Wisconsin and another in Washington D.C., that actively sought to muzzle and criminalize free speech, particularly conservative groups. It also reveals the immense danger to free speech that government agencies like the IRS and the GAB can pose. The IRS effectively shut down tea party and conservative groups during the 2012 presidential election and the investigation in Wisconsin sidelined a number of conservative groups during the 2014 campaign.
The state Supreme Court is expected to rule this summer on whether to shut down or continue the John Doe investigation into conservative groups. If the investigation is shut down, expect more revelations about the nature of the GAB, MIlwaukee District Attorney John Chisholm, and the real motives behind their attack on free speech.

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