Watch this great video ( URL below) on just what is happening in Greece and the consequences for living under the lie of socialist ideology.
Here's something else to know about the economic disaster in Greece and other countries in Europe, it's coming to America. Mr Obama and the progressive socialist liberal democrats are taking America down same rat hole that many European countries have gone down only to see their future financial prospects for prosperity vanish.
Does it matter that history is riff with examples of socialist disasters? Not to Mr Obama and his pals in the democrat party, and worse, millions of voters who believe beyond a shadow of a doubt their leadership is telling them the truth.
The fact that remains, and as history over the last 6 years proves, everything the democrats and Mr Obama told the votes is a lie, but to the obedient voters in the democrat party and others, the lies are of no consequence.
In Under 2 Minutes, Here’s What You Need to Know About Greece’s Financial Crisis
Alex Anderson / / Melissa Quinn /      (Daily Signal)     
The world has its eyes on Greece right now, as the country’s financial crisis has hit a peak after more than five years of instability.
Greece is on the brink of defaulting on a $1.8 billion payment to the International Monetary Fund, which was due at midnight on Wednesday. On Sunday, July 5, Greek voters will vote on a referendum to determine whether the country will continue with austerity measures or move to reissue its old currency. Should Greek voters vote in favor of the latter, it would effectively separate Greece from the eurozone.
Greece’s banks closed Monday for six business days, and the country limited the amount of money citizens could withdraw from ATMs.
For those watching the events unfold in Greece, here’s what you need to know, explained in under two minutes.