Monday, June 22, 2015

Ukrainian War From the Inside : Cease Fire A Fiction

One has to wonder what Mr Obama is thinking when he has decided that the Ukraine isn't worth his effort to save from Russian attacks even though the United States and others have promised they would defend them if they gave up their nuclear weapons. They did and we and the others haven't.

Again, maybe Mr Obama has no problem with tyrants.

This Is What the Ukraine War Looks Like: 8 Days on the Front Line
Nolan Peterson /     (Daily Signal)       

PISKY, Ukraine—The notion that the Ukraine cease-fire is still largely holding, or even being followed at all, is fiction.

In the eastern Ukrainian village of Pisky, only six kilometers from the separatist stronghold of Donetsk, and two kilometers from the ruined Donetsk airport, the Ukrainian army 93rd Mechanized Brigade is engaged in sustained combat with combined Russian-separatist forces.

Read the incredible story of their struggle to survive.

Watch Nolan Peterson’s Video of His Embed With the Ukrainian Army

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