Sunday, June 21, 2015

FDA Attacking Trans Fat : Why? Because They Can!

I wonder if there is a limit to the audacity that comes from believing people have the ultimate power to give and take away an individuals freedom to chose?

If it's not the unelected surrogates of progressive socialists in the EPA, the FCC, the DNR, IRS, DOJ, HHS, HLS, FBI or in this case the FDA, these people have decided they know what's best for everyone and if you disagree, one of these agencies, or maybe all of them, will descend on you with the full force of the federal government.

No? Remember, as just one example it wasn't that long ago that nearly all of agencies, including the FBI can down on the head of the Conservative group "True the Vote" when they protested their treatment by the IRS.

The ideology of the progressive socialists is easy to see and understand that they will stop at nothing to make sure individual freedom is a thing of the past and government the only alternative for survival.

Our only hope for the future will be to vote them all out of office in 2016. Anything less will promise a future without hope and the individuals freedom to chose one's own destiny will be a thing of the past. In other words, we can guarantee our own demise if we don't change our willingness to make hard decisions regarding the health and welfare of ourselves and our families.

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