Thursday, June 25, 2015

Republicans Fall Short on Moral Integrity : ObamaCare for Others, Not Us?

I wonder where moral integrity begins and self serving ends? It appears that the latter is a problem with the impending decision from the Supreme Court on ObamaCare's real meaning, that is enforcing it according to how it was actually written.

The duplicity is amazing, especially for Republicans that are good with the benefits of the bill but stand tall pounding their collective chests when the cameras are rolling condemning ObamaCare as being illegal. Who are these people?

Here is another question for the Republicans, why aren't they on the floor of congress demanding that the special 'cutout', congress escaping the burden and costs of ObamaCare for them and their collective staffs be eliminated?

Where's the outrage among the Republicans?

Many Congressional Republicans Opposing Obamacare Have a Conflict of Interest
Source: John R. Graham, "Many Congressional Republicans Opposing Obamacare Have a Conflict of Interest," National Center for Policy Analysis. June 8, 2015.

June 10, 2015

Congress may soon have the opportunity to amend the Affordable Care Act (ACA), says NCPA senior fellow John R. Graham.   The grounds would be a Supreme Court decision in King v. Burwell, a case, which seeks to make the Obama Administration enforce the ACA as written.

The main point in question in King v. Burwell is the administration's paying tax credits to health insurers offering ACA plans in 34 states with federally facilitated exchanges. As a result of these tax credits, people who buy health insurance on exchanges pay premiums much lower than they otherwise would. If the plaintiffs prevail, these tax credits will stop and premiums will go up.

Congressional Republicans have promised an offer, which will be acceptable to the president while mitigating the worst effects of Obamacare. However, they have not rallied around a unified response.
One reason may be that many Representatives and Senators are benefitting from another illegal payment of public monies the administration is using to prop up Obamacare. When the ACA was being debated, one sticking point was that politicians were proposing to impose an unpopular health insurance "reform" on vulnerable citizens while leaving their own generous health benefits untouched. Members of Congress and their staff have long been covered by the same health plan unionized federal public servants enjoy.

This obstacle was overcome by putting a clause in the ACA requiring congressional politicians and their staff to pay for Obamacare health plans.

Obviously, Congress cannot stand up to illegal Obamacare payments as long as it benefits from its own illegal ACA payments.

Until congressional Republicans reject the illegal Obamacare exemption with which the administration has privileged them, it is difficult to see how they can commit to cleaning up other messes in the Affordable Care Act.

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